Arlette Vereecke

Vereecke studied painting, drawing and etching at the academis of Ostend and Bruges. During the 80's she took courses with Jan Buytaert exploring free watercolour painting and discovered the vision of Oskar Kokoschka and his Schule des Schens. she later experimented with acrylic paint.
Her work evolved from a passionate and driven painting to a quest of her inner self. A journey in time where space and silence become the most essentiel elements. With a minimum of means Vereecke tries to loose herself in her paintings and create atmosphere. She does not want to paint an anecdotic story, but offer spectators a point to rest, dream on and enjoy the colours and atmosphere.

Monography by Hugo Brutin: Arlette Vereecke, de tocht naar het licht, 96pag., € 20,00.

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Huis Mahieu
Eernegem (BE)

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