Carry van Delft

Carry van Delft (° 1949) was born in Rotterdam and comes from an artistic and musical family. She worked with different styles and painting techniques before finally choosing the (lyrical) abstract painting. Her current technique arose as a reaction to her earlier figurative work and is a synthesis between abstraction and figuration.

Carry Van Delft is not trying to represent image but imagination. A direct translation is never present in her work. Nature became her main source of inspiration. Her landscapes are usually in relationship with light, air and horizon and contain minimal details. The bright color use lets the light shine on the landscape. Her other work as well suggests elements such as trees, bushes or flowers.

The artist exhibits on a regular base in the Netherlands and abroad. She has exhibited in Antwerp, Bologna, Budapest, Florence (Biennale 2011), Mannheim, Berlin (Berliner Liste), Brussels and New York. Her paintings are present in collections of both companies and individuals.

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Floraal Werk en Landschap
Vlaardingen (NL)
Open Ateliers Vlaardingen
Vlaardingen (NL)


Herfst Expositie Wannahaves
Nuenen (NL)
Museum Het Petershuis (solo-expositie)
Gennep (NL)
She Art Gallery Nuenen
Nuenen (NL)

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