Dieter Jans

Dieter Jans lives and works in Stevoort (Hasselt). After his secondary training as an electrician, he decided to study hotography. After receiving his photography degree a new world became visible, and photography offered him a place where he finally felt at home. He tries by means of his images to reach out to and touch people.

Due to his dyslexia, writing is rather difficult. Maybe that's the reason why he prefers telling stories and express his feelings and emotions through images. His pictures can speak and be interpreted by both him or others. Much of his inspiration comes from music and images that he sees. They often testify deal of the difficulties we face in life. Therefor his work can be seen as an indictment of our ever-changing and sometimes unstable society.

Jans likes to work with light and shadow. He describes his pictures as 'Shadows and Regrets'. The shadow in his images represents the demons we might face, the light carries a message of hope.

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