Francine Vanlerberghe

Francine Vanlerberghe studied with Adhémar Vandroemme at the Academy of fine arts in Ypres. Her first individual exhibition took place in 1995. In recent years, she regularly participated in exhibitions at home and abroad.

Francine Vanlerberghe paints masks, or better yet, faces (and bodies) of indefinable figures that represent the inner struggle of man. Until 1996 her angular faces or masks were strongly geometric, only to become rounder, more humane, even more emotional during the last decade. Especially the senses are strongly worked out, even though some figures do not have mouths. In recent years the artist has deviated from the clear path. The faces became rounder, more humane, more interesting. Francine Vanlerberghe started experimenting with wood (plywood) and obtained striking results. A first step to break the tight label painter and reach out to other artistic disciplines?

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Buren bij Kunstenaars
Vlamertinge (BE)

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