Joris De Koster

Joris De Koster (° 1967) lives and works in Antwerp. He earned a master in fine arts at the higher Institute of fine arts of Sint-Lucas in Ghent. His graphical training remains visible throughout his work.

A graphical stillness is present in his pencil drawings and sculptures. His work mainly features black and white tones, a playful interaction of light and shadow. His work is geometric, focused on texture but often created using soft lines. The spectator is confronted with displaced objets trouvés and an artificial reworked reality. The size of the pencil drawings pull each spectator in. They are based on personal photos.

Using a hyperrealistic drawing style to portray his quest for the natural and organic, the hyperrealism should often be taken literally.
Some of his works are reconstructed digitally in order to represent an object from different perspectives simultaneously, and therefor become a more complete version of itself.

"Drawing meticulously is like meditation. It is very labor intensive, and a creative outlet. I like life size formats, without bells or whistles. "

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Drawing Conclusion
Antwerpen (BE)


The same and yet different
Antwerpen (BE)

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